JT Smith

Google Ads

I understand the importance of showing up in the right spot in Google. What is the right spot? It’s the position in every auction that yields you the highest profitability and meets your goals.

There are so many things that set a good Google Ads account from a bad one. Structure, bidding techniques, keyword layering, negative keywords are important and I optimize all of those. However, the skill that truly sets me apart is ad copy writing and testing for the highest click-through rates and conversion rates.

Website Buyer and Developer

I’m not the kind of website developer who will build you a site from the ground up. To be honest, that’s not my prefered type of work. If I do develop a site from the ground up, it’s because I had an idea and want to own it.

Instead I specialize in restructuring, monetizing, adding valuable features, and testing!

Testing is crucial to getting the highest revenue from any website, and knowing which levers to pull to implement and measure tests is a hard skill to develop.

If you are interested in selling a website, check out my I Buy Old Websites page.

Website Monetization

I’m getting very good at discovering and implementing new monetization strategies to multiply website revenue.

Whether it’s coming up with incredible partnership and affiliate implementation strategies, or testing new ad placements, I take a strategic and numerical approach to optimizing monetization.

I have experience with things such as data monetization, ad network management, affiliate networks, pay per call strategies, split testing page design based on earned revenue, and creating email lists.

If you have a large volume of organic traffic, but can’t quite crack the code on making big money off of that traffic, I might be the guy for you to consult with to make it happen.