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I’m JT Smith, and I’ve run the paid search program for many large lead generation operations over the last decade. I’m also the founder of Paid Search Colleagues, an exclusive Discord group for big in-house advertisers. Through my extensive experience and feedback, I’ve gained a deep understanding of various paid search tools. These are my opinions on the best paid search management and automation tools after spending many dollars on advertising and creating systems for my teams based around some of the below software.

JT's Pick

Bulk Edit Your Google/Bing Accounts, Campaigns, Ad Groups, Keywords, and Ads
Fully Automated Ad Testing
Simple, but Robust Reporting (great for agencies)
Set Rules and Alerts or Use the Pre-Built Ones
Average pricing less than 0.1% of ad spend!!!
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Unique Ecommerce Features
Powerful Scripts and Automations
Much More Expensive than Adalysis
Powerful but Pricier
Average pricing between 0.2% and 2.5% of spend

Recommendation Engine That Gives you Clear Next Steps
Not much in the way of automation.
Quite a bit pricier than Adalysis
Sleek, but Less Features

Reasons for Why I Ranked These Paid Search Softwares This Way

While Optmyzr and Opteo are great software. I (and the businesses I work with) have been using Adalysis for years and can’t say enough about the ad testing system which automatically calculates statistical significance and pauses the losing ad. Then, if you have a new ad waiting in the queue, Adalysis will autonomously begin a new test. This tool is vital to incremental gains and competitive advantage.

The other thing that makes me highly rate Adalysis is the unique filters that allow me to easily discover search terms that are in the wrong place and either need to be siloed, negative, or added.

Finally, the other secret sauce you’ll get from Adalysis is a quality score optimizing tool that tells you when a keyword has a low ad relevance, but other keywords in the same ad group do not. Then in the course of 30 seconds you can have a new ad group created that targets that keyword, complete with NEW ad copy and proper soloing (negating the keyword from the old ad group).,

From a price perspective, Adalysis costs so little, you won’t even notice it compared to your ad budget. While it starts at $99 for smaller accounts, it only scales at a tenth of a percent of your spend.

Other Options

This page was about management and automation, but there are a lot of other paid search tools out there that can help you out in specific ways, whether that’s keyword research, landing page optimization, fraud protection, or budget management.

I also have experience working with tools that help with programmatic and social ads.

I’ll release more rankings for these different types of software soon, so make sure you remember the website JT Smith Ads!

Automate Your Account – 14-Day Free Trial

Take it from JT, using Adalysis you WILL find some incremental gains for your paid search account. Right now they offer a 14 day free trial, start now!

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