I Buy Old Websites

Do you have a website that:

  1. Hasn’t been updated in years.
  2. Has organic traffic coming in, and plenty of original content.

I love to buy up these types of old/outdated websites, and give them the attention they deserve.

I cherish the content you have on there, and will probably not make any changes to that content if it is getting traffic already!

Instead, I’ll implement monetization strategies, improve user experience, and expand more content around the subject of the website.

Use the Contact Form Below to Let Me Know about Your Old Website

I typically want to stay around 20x monthly revenue for purchase price, but there is always a variance up or down based on how volatile your monthly revenue is, how premium the organic traffic is, and of course the improvement potential I see in the site.

I will not respond to anybody selling a site younger than 5 years old, or a site without organic traffic.