JT Smith Ads

As a digital marketer in Columbia MO, my main expertise is in advertising. However I’ve also build up quite a few websites that generate traffic. While design isn’t a speciality of mine, I’m skilled in website building, strategy, and writing content.


I started as an intern at a company in Columbia MO doing Paid Search, making sure we show up at the top of Google and Bing for certain search terms. I found my place on the team by finding opportunities to increase volume and cut costs using analysis and campaign strategy.

From there, I started managing our display and social media advertising campaigns fully, while maintaining a strategic role in paid search. As I helped us grow our display and social advertising, we started hiring more people and I got a team together.

This development of advertising skill is why I’d say this is my main area of expertise in marketing.


I build websites for the purpose of generating traffic for myself, selling leads, and getting affiliate results.

That includes websites on the national level, but also in local business niches.