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Google Ad Grant Management

Congratulations, you’ve won access to a Google Ad Grant account.

Now what?

The VAST MAJORITY of nonprofits who get a Google Ad Grant are unable to spend over $1,000 a month.

I will manage your account, and get you up to the $10,000 a month mark as fast as possible!

Let me know what type of leads/services you’re looking for, and how much volume you want.

Now that you’ve reached out, what can you expect to happen?

Stage 1: Get Account Close to $10,000 a month spend

The first thing I’ll do is research your business, your industry, and your competitors.

I want to know your KPIs, what action you want people to take on your website. I may ask to install what is called a “conversion pixel” so we can take advantage of automatic bidding in Google, and increase your maximum CPC limit past $2.

Then, using that information I’ll construct a keyword plan of all the search terms in your industry.

I’ll then build a robust structure in your Google grants account and write ads based on scientific formulas to drive clicks and KPIs.

It may take a couple of months to continue to expand and optimize toward getting the full $10,000 value out of your ads, but we’ll make progress every day.

If I charge $499, and you get $10,000 in value, that’s a 20x ROI.

Stage 2: Maximize Your Non-Profit Goals

Imagine two nonprofits spending $10k on ads a month (or getting it for free).

One is driving 1,000 irrelevant clicks, the other is driving 500 extremely relevant clicks from people more likely to donate or use your services.

This is the difference between a stage 1 account and stage 2. Stage one is about volume. Stage 2 is about value.

We will continue to find the best searches, ad copy, and landing pages to bring your mission to life.

This takes an expert touch and a ton of care.

As an added benefit, I have high-performing advertising tools I use to give me a competitive advantage!

If that $10k in spend becomes worth $50k to your nonprofit, then your ROI is 100x what you pay me.

Let’s talk about this plan! Use my contact form above to get started.