Successful advertising relies on clear communication and expectations.

1. Define

Our first contact will talk all about business goals and why we are both in business. What is the key result you want to get from online advertising? For most businesses it is some combination of the following results:

  • Lead Generation – Get more clients to contact and build your list.
  • Phone Calls – Get clients to call you.
  • Branding – Become well-known in your community.
  • Drive Foot Traffic –

2. Close

Whether it is in the same initial call or you need a couple weeks to figure some things out, we’ll nail down the terms of our relationship.

I am not a high-pressure sales person to my clients, because I am only looking for solid fits; partnerships that will yield long-term success for both parties.

3. Build and Optimize

The next step is to build up the advertising campaigns and start sending the market your way! After that, regular improvement, additions, and adjustments will occur regularly based on your goals.